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Project: Laparoscopioc Adjustable Gastric Banding for the Treatment of Morbid Obesity in Adolescents

Investigators: Evan P. Nadler MD at NYU School of Medicine. Created at: 2007-02-14 09:41. Last updated at: 2007-02-14 09:41.


We are using laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding to treat morbid obesity in adolescents. Post-operatively, we are following a multitude of metabolic and nutritional parameters. These include but are not limited to weight loss, resolution of comorbidities, laboratory evaluations, and DEXA scans to look at body composition and bone density. Our goal is to see what if any of these parameters predict resolution of comorbid conditions, and also to see if there are any negative predictive indicators to allow us to identify patients who are at particular risk for developing a nutritional deficiency.

Status: Approved


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